About Archery Plus

The home of archery and target sports in Marlborough.


Combine the thrill of aiming for and (hopefully!) hitting a target, the buzz of using majestic long or recurve bows, and the relaxation of being in a beautiful rural environment surrounded by Marlborough’s world-renowned vines.

Our archery experience will have you taking aim at traditional archery target faces. Hamish, your guide, is a Level 1 Archery Coach and will have you sending arrows flying – in the right direction – in no time!

Our archery sessions are for those aged 8-80+ and suitable for all sizes and strengths.

All gear and tuition provided – and we’re only five minutes from Blenheim.

Any other questions? Please Get in Touch with us – we’re happy to help.

Archery Attack!

Move over paintball … welcome Archery Attack! This action-packed cross between archery, dodgeball and paintball is a riot and another perfect stag do activity or children’s birthday party idea (kids over 10, that is!).

Sessions last for about an hour, consisting of 5-minute games with much-needed breaks. Players use bows and foam-tipped arrows to eliminate opponents and knock out the opposing team’s target.

Archery Attack is based at The Vines Village, 193 Rapaura Road with a revamped café, great food, craft beers and wine. Or we can come to you! Archery Attack is also fully mobile.

Have more questions or want to make a booking? Get in Touch with us – we’re happy to help.

Or Archery Plus More!

Our ArcheryPlus sessions consist of four main activities:

  • archery PLUS (yes, that’s where the plus comes in!);
  • axe throwing;
  • star throwing; and
  • air rifle shooting.

Your session will include easy-to-understand tuition and all equipment.

Our ArcheryPlus sessions include archery (see more above) and add the ultimate adrenaline rush that comes from throwing stars and axes or aiming an air rifle at your target.

We have a purpose-built throwing wall made of vertically placed pine sleepers for you to throw your axe or star at. It’s superbly satisfying – but don’t just take our word for it, try it for yourself!

And our air rifle activities can be as challenging or easy as is appropriate for your group. So whether you’re a crack shot or a complete novice you’ll have a blast.


The ArcheryPlus experience is perfect for beginners and experts alike, and a great form of stress-release!

Ideal for groups – whether it’s a birthday party to remember or a conference offsite event with a twist. Our sessions generally run for about three hours, and can be tailored to your needs. Bookings are essential.

We have all the gear and know-how needed to teach you, safely and effectively.

Get in Touch about letting loose and giving ArcheryPlus a go.


ArcheryPlus is an ideal start of the day event for your stag do or hen party. We have a stunning setting amongst the grapevines here in Marlborough and when this is combined this with the ultimate adrenaline rush from throwing stars and axes or aiming a longbow or rifle at your target, you have the perfect unique party starter.

Whether a birthday party for kids or grown-ups, we can create a session to bring out the fun competitive spirit in everyone, to let off steam and challenge yourself. If you want to try something new for your child’s birthday party, or your own, call us to book today.

Our Archery sessions are suitable for aged 8-80+, and ArcheryPlus for age 16 and up.

Please note bookings are essential.


If you’re looking for an innovative option for a conference offsite event or a new take on team building, then our target sports package is the option for you. Ideal for groups of up to 24 people, ArcheryPlus is competitive, challenging, morale-boosting and highly rewarding.

ArcheryPlus sessions generally run for about three hours, and can be tailored to your needs. Bookings are essential.

Experience the thrill of aiming ancient hunting weapons at your target, and the even greater thrill of hitting!


Skilled archers can also hire our venue for target practice for a fixed hourly rate. Just bring your own gear and let your arrows fly!

Bookings are essential.

Useful Things to Know

People often ask about what to wear, where to park and so…

Here are the answer to the top 5 questions:

1. What should I wear?
Come wearing clothing appropriate to move in and take part in all the activities. High heel shoes aren’t great (the heels sink into the grass) and closed toe shoes are best (in case you drop something on your toes!). Long sleeves are ideal (so the bow strings don’t rub on your arms) and shorts or trousers are easiest for free movement.

2. Where can I park?
Come down the driveway 150 metres and there is a parking bay for 6 cars. If you are part of a large group, some of you may have to park on the street.

3. I have long hair – do I have to tie it up?
Yes, it is much easier for you if you tie long hair back off the face, so it doesn’t get in the way while you’re having fun!

4. Is ArcheryPlus suitable for children?
Our ArcheryPlus sessions are only suitable for those 16 and over. However, our Archery sessions are great for anyone aged 8 to 80 years old. We have had wheelchair-bound participants, children, and those young at heart but in their 7th decade! The activities we offer are very inclusive and suit all shapes, sizes and levels of strength. If you have any special requirements, please feel free to give us a call to discuss.

5. What happens if it rains?
We’re in Marlborough – the weather’s always brilliant here! In all seriousness, we’re fortunate that we very rarely have to cancel due to bad weather. If the weather isn’t looking favourable, we’ll be in touch with you. In the rare situation where we have to cancel due to unfavourable weather we will not charge you for the activities. (If you’ve booked an offsite activity and weather conditions cause a cancellation, a travel charge may apply).

Any other questions? Please Get in Touch with us – we’re happy to help.