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Heading into our busy season!

‘Well, here at ArcheryPlus we’re heading quickly towards our busy time of the year. Bows are being re-strung, arrows re-fletched , axes sharpened, throwing boards repaired and of course the slingshot rubbers need checking out. We’re just about to install a new 7 station air rifle shooting buttress which ought to look really cool and enable 7 people to shoot at a time.  Each day we are fielding more and more enquiries mainly from local businesses wanting to book their end of year staff get together. Winter has been a bit quiet so we shut for a brief period to recharge our batteries.

We look forward to the Nelmac Garden Marlborough event running from 9th – 12 November this year and would love to host a few out of town visitors for some fun times loosing arrows and letting rip with the axes.  Minimum age for archery is 8 years old and for ArcheryPlus, it’s 16 years old – at our discretion.

At the Top of the South Island , we’re 4 kms along towards Picton from Blenheim is where you’ll find us and naturally, booking is essential. We cater for anything up to a maximum of 50 people and the weather can have an effect.  We recommend people coming here for some team building and wanting to eat afterwards head towards Dodson Street Beer Garden where Dietmar will look after you.

Depending on how many people come along, the archery on it’s own takes about 1½ hours and ArcheryPlus, anything from 1½ – 2½ hours.